Well, we are getting ready to travel up north to Recife for our first Superliga match. I experience carnival there once many years ago. Wow, super crowded. And lots of ants! Large ones! Anyway, I am looking forward to going there. Although, it will be really hot. Yep, like being back in Baton Rouge, but hotter. Annnnddddd, I hope to see Josenildo, he was the coach who first contracted me to play at BCN and who switched the libero in and out for the left, or opposite. Yes, I played all round even with the libero.

Training is going well. I am blessed and healthy and eager to start the league. The format is a bit different from in the years past. There are four mini tournaments, including a finals for each. Then there will be a best of three quarter finals and semi finals. And finally only ONE match for the finals of the league.

This year Global will televise the Superliga. There is always a lot of media coverage here in Brazil. Last Monday I did a live program ONE HOUR, all Portugese, just me and the host, YIKES! I was told it went smoothly. There were a lot of emails sent in to the show that night. The time actually went by quickly. The program covered all volleyball topics from World Cup, to beach, to leagues in Brazil and abroad. They actually keep track of Brazilian players playing abroad and broadcast the matches.

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