Okay… 3-0 for our opening match. Boy what a long return home. I think we had head wind or something. We left right after the match, dined at the airport and arrived 3:30 in the morning. We have all of Tuesday off. I took advantage of sleeping in.

The match was fine. Recife’s number 6 did a really good job against up. Marcella won player of the game. I was set a quick set in front of the setter woohoo! I got a kill so maybe the setters will began to have more confidence setting me. Because I am in the front row with the setter twice usually they run me behind on slides. The one rotation I am up with three hitter, I am more of a decoy. I was so excited to get that quick set. With time I am sure the setters will be a bit more comfortable setting me in front. But actually my team is loaded with hitters, I don’t anticipate getting set much more.

Well, I am off to visit my in-laws.

Have a blessed day,