Update time,

Well, it has been a nice weekend. First and far most beating Pineiros 3-1. It would have been better to win 3-0 as Rexona in the other pool lost a set to an opponent. This is important as I explained in one of the other blogs that there are four mini finals. Each final within these series will be played at the home of the team with the best record. So sets really matter. Unlike World Cup, sets ratio count first, then points in the event that the sets are the same.

After the match I went to a dinner with my husband to celebrate his team having won the championship and the presentation of individual awards. It was a nice event. Turned out many of the Pineiros players were invited to be present too.

Today, I slept in then went to the birthday celebration of one of my teammates, Adenizia now 21. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, dancing, laying out by the pool…. The drive there had a very nice view of the rich green tree covered hills and mountains. A relaxing place to escape away from the city. But of course on the return we ran into TRAFFIC!

Now I am home. Soon I will continue with watching the first season of Heroes.

That’s it for now,