Third match down of the first four match series to round one finals. We beat Mackenzie 3-0. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and vigor… Of course they have a good coach to motivate them. I think the match was a challenging as expected.

Tomorrow we will have a tougher match against Minus who also beat Pineiros 3-1. Then my husband and I will be traveling to the United States to be with our family there over the Christmas Holiday. Our time will be very short, only three days in total. Can you believe it! We will leave Sao Paulo on the night of Dec. 22… arrive on 23rd and already leave late afternoon the day after Christmas. But it will be worth it being at home with the family.

Until the next update,

Blessings and Happy Holiday!


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  1. hey,Danielle,I got an olympic vedio on youtube–usa vs bra set 5 of quarter final.
    I cut a picture of you praying with tears on your face when brazil leaded you 14-6.
    I know this match may be a torture for you, however, I hope you will find the reason why your team was defeated so smashingly especialy before another olympic games 2008.

    Hoping to communicate with you more experience.
    Your CHN friend.

    I post this picture on my webblog:
    and this vedio:

  2. hey!! i sent u an email!! go check it ok? not sure which one u will check 1st… so i’m just letting u know!!!! =)

    lots of love…

    Pri Lima

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