Hello long time since the last update…. Lots to tell but I will keep it short. Let’s see. We had a match on Dec. 22 9:27am! Can you believe such and early match on a Sunday? It was televised on Global, which is a nationwide channel. Kind of like USA NBC or CBS or Italy’s RAI. Global rules….The exposure for the sport is great. We won 3-2 verses Minus but winning 3-2 instead of 3-1 caused us to have to play the finals away from home verses Brasil Telecom who beat Rexona 3-2 in the other pool. So off to USA for Christmas. Woohoo! My husband was able to travel with me. We enjoyed our time with my family in USA making our rounds visiting everyone, until late on Christmas Day we learned that Daddy Jose had been hospitalized. Well, we were supposed to leave on Dec 26 as I had to get back to training anyway, but we missed our flight! What a horrible time especially with dad sick and in the hospital to miss our flight! Fortunately we were able to get the same flight for the next day. Unfortunately upon arriving, I had only enough time to go home pack my bags and meet the team for a trip to Brusque. But I received news that dad was doing better and out of intensive care. Amen. Please all of you Christians out there pray for healing of Daddy Jose.

Dec 28 seemed to be the longest day of my life. After traveling all night until late morning arriving in Brazil, driving home, packing, driving to the gym, taking a bus to the airport, flight delayed, arriving in Brusque, another bus ride of 2 hours to the hotel (seemed like 20 hours), eating a snack, bus to go and lift weights, followed by video…. WOW. I was so exhausted! Anyway we went on to be Brasil Telecom in five. So we are currently in first place.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! For the New Year we didn’t do much. Edu and I went to his parent’s home to bring in the new year together with his brother and sister and a few friends. The tradition here is to have a big dinner Dec 31 really close to the countdown. Then have a big lunch on January 1. We went to visit dad. Seems he is getting better although he has lost a lot of weight.

There you have it. We return to practice on Jan 4… It is raining here so I am just enjoying being at home.

Blessings! Go Finasa!

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  1. hi Dani,

    I am very disappointed because in 2008 WGP USA will not come to Hong Kong to have match so that cannot meet u and TomTom face to face but i still support USA & Jenny. See u in Olympics through TV.

    If u have time, could u please to reply me by email ar.

    GoGo USA!

  2. Long long time since last come.
    Today, I finish a very important exam for continuing study in my university until becoming Master.
    Maybe you donnot understand. Exam is very very very important thing to Chinese, because exams are only fair thing for common Chinese people.
    Chinese volleyball fans’ BBS—VBOL–was closed down by government. Closed down again. We had a wonderful BBS before 2004,it named OVL. One day, it was closed down by government. Until now, I still don’t know why it must to be closed down.
    I am sad and furious. We are just volleyball fans, we never talk about polity. Why are so cruel to us?
    I lost all my volleyball friends, because we just communicate by BBS.
    Harmony, harmony, clam us down, government can easily eat us flesh and drink us blood.

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