Geeez, I have really been doing a not so consistent job of updating, as a follower mentioned to me at the airport on my way to Rio a couple of days ago. My apologies. But I have several excuses. One I am on dial up! Two, I’ve just not found or rather made time in between practices and spending time with my husband… Three I am on dial up! HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Ok latest news is that we (Finasa) just turned in our first loss BOOOO! to Rexona. Better now than in the mini-finals to be held on Tuesday. Now it is time for Finasa to beat Rexona in a finals match. We have been in this situation but in reverse, having beaten Rexona in pool play but lost in the finals. Tuesday we will have the opportunity to put the shoe on the other foot. That is beat Rexona in this mini-finals. AMEN! We beat Brazil Telecom in the first mini-finals.

Random comment…I am pleased with the Brazilian airlines. Although the flights are often delayed, can you believe on a 50 minute flight they serve a snack and drinks! No not just peanuts and not a snack for purchase. Going to Rio they offered a sandwich. And during the return flight to Sao Paulo they offered a seafood rice dish. I declined both but it was a nice gesture and once expected of the airlines…especially with the cost of airline tickets.

On another note… MOM’s COMING OUT TO VISIT! YEAH!

Ok til the next entry,
Go Finasa!


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  1. hahahaha,
    Our BBS was opened again!!
    Last October, it also was closed off and opened.
    I also like cartoon, especially Saint-Seiya which a Japanese cartoon. A Saint-Seiya’s BBS like volleyball BBS was closed off and opened sometimes.
    So funny, isn’t it? Volleyball and cartoon BBS.
    Our government is fearful us so much.

  2. Nahoko(Naa)

    WOW! You know “Saint-Seiya”??
    It’s quite old Japanese cartoon,I’ve watched it when I was kids. haha ^^

    Hi! What’s up!
    I’m very happy to hear that your mom will visit you!!!

    And,I have a good news for ME ^^
    I can watch your games in June with World Grand Prix in Japan!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

    Go USA and Go Finasa!

  3. Of course!!!
    If you are a Chinese 1980-1990 kid, of course you know Saint-seiya. Every kid knows Seiya

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