Here I am on Wednesday evening reporting the horribly depressing news of our loss. OK depressed is a bit exaggerated but extremely disappointed might be a better description. Still on dial up hating life but I guess I have to do what I have to do. Boy, we seem to like taking the lead and then just letting the game slip away. I don’t think it is skill, preparation….it boils down to a little more heart and a willingness to make your teammates look better. That’s everyone giving one hundred percent knowing that your teammates have your back. Should be a given right. And of course if you ask any one of us we would say that you can count on me. But how many ball drop on defense being hit past the block, how many balls are left uncovered, how many times does one not better the setter’s set or passers pass. Even if one is not able to better the ball, effort in the end is what counts and we gave up as a team it appeared. So back to the gym. By the way, the loss was to Rexona defending champions and thorn in Finasa’s side.

Hey I had my first international perm (relaxer/hair straightener) you got it here in Brazil. I left the saloon in much better condition visually that upon my arrival. But I got to tell you the experience was quite different. We women are used to going to the beauty palor and staying for several hours… But in this case, the stylist started applying the perm to my hair from the back and then stopped! Left me sitting there for eight minutes with perm only in the lower portion of my head. After several minutes passed, I stood to find her applying perm to someone else, moving to shampoo yet another person’s hair. I was outraged. Icould not believe what was happening. Usual the perm is applied to the entire head, worked, then shampood. When she finally returned to continue I was slightly relieved to learn that the process is a bit different here. I was dubious but seems the end result was fine. You’ll know differently if the next time you see me I am wearing a wig…. hehhehehehehe.

That is it for now, take care and blessings


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  1. Is perm good for hair?
    Perm may cause branch off hair.
    Hahaha, after Chinese New Year, I am back.
    I love holiday.

  2. Haaaaaaaa.
    Take care of hair is very importance to girl.
    I like play hair so much~~~~

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