One more victory under our belts with our win over Pinheiros (3-0) who has a good team but was not able to perform well tonight. With our tough serves and blocking they had a very difficult time. Good for us. We did our part. I added 7 points to the victory. Seems my rotations blow by. But I do what I can when I am on the court, scream and cheer when I am off. After how many years of the libero position, I still do not like having to come out of the game. Oh well… I am so blessed to be able to play. In that I find enjoyment.

Two days off! Woohoo! We are off to the beach. Of course it is suppose to rain a bit Saturday and Sunday Booo! But that won’t stop us.

Still got a cold, more than two weeks running now. I was prescribed an antibotic this evening so hopefully it will help me recover quicker.

Tomorrow, March 8 is Women’s Day in Brazil. We received a beautiful rose before the match. That was sweet.

Well that’s it for now,


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  1. Congratulations Dani!
    You are an essential player for volleyball.
    I like you so much.

    Go Finasa!
    Go Scott!!


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