Howdy do…. Well we are coming off two wins from the appropriately named Belo Horizonte as it is a beautiful city. First a 3-0 win against Mckenzie followed by a 3-0 victory against Minus. Minus had great crowd there. Apparently there is some rivalry between our teams as we changed our routine a bit to put off hearing the fans “name calling”… We actually stretch in the locker room and hall way, and changed the direction that we warm up with pepper from sideline to sideline to net to endline. My teammate and I were the brave ones to warm up next to the Minus fans. Maybe I didn’t understand some of the shouting as the gym became really loud, but what I did experience was Minus fans yelling my name to look at them so that they could take a photo. We pretty much commanded the match throughout. The third set the court lights went out so there was about a fifteen minute break before we could finish the match. This delay almost caused us to miss the last flight to Sao Paulo. As it was, the flight was delay and we didn’t get back til one thirty in the morning. We were grateful to have Sunday off. This match qualified us for the fourth tournament finals. It will be a rematch against Rexona this time at our home. I pray that my teammates and I can have a spectacular match. So lift us up in prayer please.



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  1. hello, dany. it’s been a long time for not meet you here.
    how is everyting going?
    take care.

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