Woohoo, we have qualified for the semi finals. Never a doubt in my mind but Medley/Banespa really played their heart out; so congrats to them. We thumped them the first set but again seemed to relax after that losing the second. Everyone entered the match to help in the victory. I scored 17 points in the match. Next up Brasil Telecom. We faced them in the first round finals winning 3-2. And twice in the regular season winning 3-1 both times. But we all know that that doesn’t mean much. It does, however, give the team confidence going into the semi verses a team against whom we have had multiple victories.

Go Finasa,


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  1. Woohoo, 17 points!! Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are so wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!!
    I lost my test. But I am not sad, I find a new goal. Hahahaha.

    American second team is in China. They are great. I have a dream long long ago. I hope that Chinese athletes can study in the college look like American athletes.

  2. Long time no see Danielle! I can tell you were having busy but exciting days… I don’t know when you will go back to the National Team. I can’t wait to see you playing in the international matches… Good Luck with your semi:) !!!

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