Well, I have been putting off writing this entry as I was so disappointed and didn’t want to think about our defeat. But of course one can’t help it, the flashbacks of the match, the if only’s that stand out so much more when one lose continue to creep in my thoughts. Instead of forgetting, I remember. I think that is best. Sure forget the loss, but remember those things, the if only’s, and make an effort to do better.

The first set was all Finasa. It appeared that we would win in three. Bad illusion as we lost the second set followed by a third set thumping. Still not at any point did I think we would lose the match. This was the finals. I remembered Toshi saying,”15-13 in the fifth set, that is volleyball,” and that was my hope, if only we could win the fourth. I came back in the match when the score was 19-23 Rexona. Difficult but not impossible as we were in that exact situation when we won the fourth set 26-24 to win the round three finals 3-1. My belief in the team and my faith was not shaken. We lost the set and the championship 1-3, but I still believe that we were the better team. We unfortunately could not show it that day. I am proud of my team and grateful for my experiences this season.

Congrats to Rexona 2007/2008 Superliga Champions.

The match was on Saturday and Tuesday I was back in the gym lifting weights (Monday was a holiday). Now I have to keep my conditioning and arrive in shape for the National Team season and primary focus Olympic Games 2008 Beijing! It is necessary to have a break from volleyball to allow one’s mind and body to recovery. Praise God that I am healthy and being motivated well it comes easily when I think on the quote that I just shared with my USA assistant coach Tom…”Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men Col 3:23 For nothing is impossible with God Lk 1:37 .”

One last GO FINASA for 2007-2008 season.
And now… GO USA!