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Well, I am winding down my time here in Brazil. May 10 is my Grandma’s 84 birthday and my fourth grade teach Mrs. Borden (can you believe that I remembered that!?!), and of course May 11 is Mother’s Day. So I will be heading out on Friday. Jenny, the head coach of the USA National Team is allowing me to join the team after these special days. Thanks Jenny!

In the meantime I am enjoying time with my husband and my in-laws. Yesterday we had a BBQ. They call it Churrasco in Brazil. We actually found really BBQ sauce at the market. Most Brazilians don’t like it because the sauce is a bit sweet. But to me the ribs were the bomb! I have been on a diet these last two weeks so yesterday break from it was an especially nice treat. And I am working out. Last week I trained with the UNIP (university) men’s team. I held my own until they figured out my timing…hehehehe. Then I had to throw some shots. Today I trained with Finasa’s Junior team. It was fun. I played middle and outside. Ya know how I like to mix it up lol.

It is a nice day in Sao Paulo…sunny but a bit chilly. The Baton Rouge heat will be welcomed by me as I am not a cold weather person.

That’s it for now.

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  1. hello,dany!
    it’s been a long time. we chinese fans really missing your great performances.

    we’ve get the information of your 18 list. and we are curious about the new outside hitter, it seems that she is playing in the italian league.

    well, really look forward to watching your perfect slide spike and block in Beijing.

    wish china and USA be the final two teams.

    fighting! go USA!

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