Hey Yall,

Well, this week has gone by quickly, even with our four practices! Since we don’t have much time to get back to USA volleyball, our rhythm, our system, and chemistry, it is full engine ahead. Woohoo! It is really exciting. Thank God for the recovery center.

There are a lot of players in the gym. Actually, part of the team went to Mexico to compete in the Pan Am Cup Grand Prix 2009 qualifier. Our coaches are still wanting to see new players or players who haven’t been with the program very long in competition. With only a few days more than two months remaining before Beijing, there is still a big pool of players aspiring for only 12 positions to represent THE UNITIED STATES OF AMERICA! Very intense but exciting time.

Anyway, the weekend is near and I have yet to tell you about the wonderful weekend team USA had over at Diane and Ricks home. It was like a drive to the country, lots of land, even goats! So peaceful and quiet. The food was great, chicken, tuna, salad, fruits, PIES! We are looking forward to another BBQ weekend so that Robyn can do her pink chicken and ribs… We played games and tried to balance on the rope, that reminded me of a low ropes course.

This weekend not so exciting… but Jen and I plan to get a manicure and pedicure. And I will probably spend the rest of the weekend getting my hair braided. Yep a long painful process but oh so practical.

That’s it for now
Blessings to ya


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  1. Glad to hear that things are going well, and as usual, you are upbeat and positive!

  2. Hey Danielle!
    I’m a big Brazilian fan of your career and it’s wonderful to hear that you are putting a lot of effort on the USA National Team performance on the Olympics…I really hope you guys pull it off in Beijing! I’ve found the blog by accident on the internet and have been reading its content for hours LOL

    I also hope you join us at least one more season, I’ve been following you up here in Brazil throughout Superliga, going to some games (when they take place in Rio – where I reside) and it would be awesome if I could see you live again in action, shooting out those China spikes and blocks! LOL

    Congratulations! From your big fan
    Daniel Santos – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  3. We are still caring about US team and players who have injuries. I am looking forward to your new updates about the grand prix…Can’t wait to see which 12 of you can make the US Olympic team.

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