Well, we lost a day traveling here from Poland, rather it was a really long travel day almost 30 hours with the delays. Jenny just had us stretch rather than start with a double day Tuesday. Our bodies were grateful for the rest.

Wednesday everyone went to get massages. Here a one hour massage is like $35! It was wonderful. Actually Kris Richard and I went together. Instead of changing into a robe for the massage they gave us this half top which opened in the back like a hospital gown and pants. The pants were so funny because of the length. We are sure they would have been full length on a native, but on us it was like our half pants reaching just below the knees. The used hot towels to prepare the body for massage. My massage pressure was great I left there feeling ready for our early morning practice.

I decided at hit my trainer Emery for my legs after the morning practice yesterday. He usually takes care of all the massages and treatments for the team. I think he was feeling cheated on with a lot of us going out to get paid massages. I even went for a foot massage. It wasn’t the best that I have had but who am I to complain, it was and hour of having someone massage my feet.

And now GAME DAY yeah! Down with Poland National Volleyball team.



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  1. Jesus Miranda

    Congratulations USA to beat Poland 3-1,Danielle you’re very important for the team. Now Turkey and Italy are very strong teams to beat. Good luck Danielle and teammates to get ready on the road to the Olympics games. Jesus in Central Jersey, USA.

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