Hey Yall, it has been one week today since our finish of the World Grand Prix. We placed in the final week.
And the announcement of the 2008 Beijing Olympic team. What a stressful waiting period the hours that followed the match. Finally at just after 10 pm the meeting was called to order and the announcement was made. A very difficult decision for our staff as they trained so many athletes. I am so happy to have been selected as one of the twelve. Although only we twelve selected will travel to Beijing all who trained with us in Colorado will be represented there, as well as our entire Nation! Wow, our entire Nation!

After 31 hours of travel I arrived in Baton Rouge to spend my days off with my family. My husband arrived there before me. We had a great time with the kids (my nieces, and nephews), who are getting bigger and bigger. My mom was and is beautiful as usual. Baton Rouge seems to change with every visit. More shops and restaurants. Eduardo and I celebrated our second year anniversary on July 15 at a restaurant call Flemmings. Flemmings restaurant gets two thumbs up! We arrived a bit late but the service was remarkable evening though it was near closing. We were given strawberries dipped in chocolate as a gift. Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm.

As you know I love going to the cinema. Although I am so behind in my film watching, we made time to catch a movie. We saw “WANTED”. It was entertaining, definitely action packed! Time flew by quickly however we squeezed in a couple of hours of billards with my dad and cousin. Yes all of this in my short three day stay, not to mention lifting weights and getting in cardio.

Today was day two of a seven day training session until we depart for California for sea level training in Berkley and processing in San Jose. Woohoo!

The countdown continues! GO USA!


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  1. Glad you had a great visit in BR. It does seem to change everyday! Our lil city is growing.

    Good luck at the Olympics!

  2. Hi Dani,

    I come from Hong Kong which belong to China. I hope those few days ‘s news didn’t affect your impression of China. I guess China government try their best to hold a peaceful olympics.
    GoGo USA, GoGo Dani, GoGo Logan, GoGo Jenny.

    Besides, could you please to help me to transfer a message to Logan:
    Just try her best and didn’t need to put too pressure on herself.

    I will support USA in front of TV or internet.

  3. Hi Danielle! Good luck in Beijing, I hope you’ll be in the same great shape as you where while the WGP PS tournament. I have a request, could you give an e-mail adress on which I can send a message?

  4. Mandy Wall Ferguson

    Hi Danielle,

    Don’t know if you remember me but I played with you on the Lady Tigers AAU basketball team when we were 15 years old…I have watched you play volleyball in the Olympics the last few times and just watched you the other day make some great kills..Good luck to you and the rest of the team in China!

  5. cheverlindiri

    hey. just want you to know that you play beautiful volleyball.

    good luck on the olympics. i hope you’d have great results

  6. Jesus Miranda

    So sorry, Usa lost by Cuba 3-0. Go Go Usa, The Olympics games aren’t over yet. Sorry again Danielle. Jesus Miranda in NJ.

  7. Hello Dani,
    I am a Chinese girl. After watching the game U.S.A vs Japan, I found your team was so great. Your girls always play a wonderful game, and I begin to enjoy watching Volley Matches because of your team. It makes me happy when you win each score in the game; When you lose 1 score, I was very worried. But one advice here, don’t worry when an error occurred in the match, because you are the best.
    Really you can win at least one medal @2008 Beijing Olympic games.
    Best wishes for you and your team members, especially for Logan Tom.
    Hah, good luck.

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