Let the Games begin! Oh wait they have!

Lots of exciting things going on! We made it to the village on August 2 and it is awesome. It is so huge! Our housing is nice. Our team is sharing two apartments each with three bedrooms and kitchen and a common area. The International Zone is complete with a bank, salon, post office, tearoom with Chinese dance entertainment, a small mart (convenience store), gift shop and more…

Opening Ceremony was awesome as usual! The lighting of the torch was so unique and cool. As the torch bearer slow immolation of running around the track added build up to the anticipated lighting of the torch and beginning of the Games.

Pool play is on the way. We are 2-1 after beating Japan opening match on August 9 in four, falling to Cuba in an ugly 0-3 loss and beating Venezuela yesterday in four. Two more match left in preliminary round, China on Friday and Poland on Sunday.

As I wrote earlier in this email the Village is huge. We all bought bikes when we learn that they were available for purchase. So Ty and I went for our first ride last night. I was excited and scared at the same time. I prayed “Lord please don’t let me fall and get injured or hit anyone (as obviously there are a lot of athletes walking around”. Well on the ride there Ty’s seat took on a various ranges of motion from all the way forward to all the way back so she had to try to balance where she sat on the seat. On the return, my PEDAL FELL COMPLETELY OFF! Can you believe it. So there we were in the dark searching for the bolt. We found it, but now we are warning everyone to do a once over on their bikes before taking it for a spin.

More to come on our match verses China,


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  1. Dani…
    support all the way..girl…
    u know…u will get it on 15/8..which is soooooooo important for u guys..to get a easier way on the second round competition

    i know u can do it girl..we all will cheers for u on the court..dani..
    cheers for heather,,,logan…kim..ogonna,,,,tay,,everyone…


  2. yea! i will cheer for usa with keikei n the other gals like the previous matches!
    i m sure we can make it!

  3. Olympic Village should provide bike-rent service, that you don’t need to buy one.
    Alright,comes 15, Aug,2008, U.S.A vs China.
    Best wishes for all

  4. Candy Campbell

    Here’s a blast from your past. I coached at SJA and played for Ruth in club ball with Beverly Hise and LSU seniors. I met you at the young age of your freshman year. You and that dark haired girl that played for Gloria!! Well, can’t remember names as well now that I am an old ladyof 50.
    Well, I am so proud of you and the goals you have accomplished for yourself. What a path you have forged and what a role model you are for all yong women. Keep up the GREAT work both on and off the court.
    Congrats and Let’s Geaux USA!
    Oh, I moved to Al last year to be closer to my mom and family so know ALABAMA is behind you 100%!
    Candy Campbell

  5. I am watching the Game between USA and China, so exciting.
    Although I am a Chinese girl, I really hope your team can win.
    Really, for Jenny, for USA.
    Go, USA

  6. Daryl Bailey

    Hello Danielle

    I watched you today against China and I must say, you are much more powerful than the young lady I met in Hawai’i back during the tune-up for the 1996 Olympics. God is has blessed you and yours…have been praying for you guys. If you don’t remember me, I was your tour guide back and fourth to church at the City of Refuge back in 1996. Congrats on your marriage and all, blessings again.


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