What sitting on the edge of the chair matches we have had for the fans. Two five game thrillers one against China and the other verses Poland. I hope you were able to see it. Wow beating China in China was spectacular. We were accused of over celebrating but I say well it is the Olympic Games! We silenced the crowd. Praise God! Well we will cross with Italy tomorrow who finished second in their pool. This year there was a coin toss or draw to decide who the second and third place team of each pool will play.

Will be a tough challenge but nothing less expected.



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  1. christine beatty

    Hi Danielle: Hope you remember the couple who shared the delay-ridden flight from Houston to Baton Rouge last year. I watched the game yesterday against Poland. I am a new fan of women’s volleyball. It is very exciting and, of course, having met you is a plus. Good luck to you and the other gals–you are wonderful representatives of our country.

    Christine beatty
    Mt. Hermon, Louisiana

    (late of New Roads)

  2. Danielle

    Ran track with you at Woodlawn, I was class of 91. Wanted to let you know that many of us from your home town are pulling for you and are very proud of all that you have accomplished. Best of Luck!


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