After getting in at almost midnight on Monday, shutting off my cell phone and turning off the ringer to sleep off and on all day on Tuesday…the days have flown by leaving still so much to do and little time to do it. On top of that the Gulf Coast region has to once again prepare for a hurricane “Gustav”. Many have evacuated New Orleans… We, in Baton Rouge, have been put on a tornado watch until the morning of September 2. Which brings me to my travel date of going to Chicago. You probably are wondering why I might travel to Chicago? Well, TO APPEAR ON THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW! My mom and sister are going to go with me (weather permitting). We will do the taping on September 3 for the first show this season premiering on September 8. All of 2008 Olympic medalist have been invited to be on the show. I am sooooo excited. What a once in a life opportunity. Thanks team.

That is it for now… Oh, Please everyone send your prayers up for the Gulf Coast region and all the countries affected by the hurricane.

Blessings to you,


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  1. Hey Danielle;
    Can’t wait to see you on the show…..I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    I’ll be praying for all of the people & asking God’s blessing for a quick relief.


  2. Hello Mrs. Scott-Arruda…

    I just want to say congratulations on your silver olympic medal =)

    We ll I’m a big fan and I wish you the best with your overseas team….

  3. Dianne Grant-Brooks

    Hi Danielle

    Congrats on u and ur team winning. Way to Go!!
    By the way u probably don’t remember me but I’m Chantay and Darnisha’s mom.(Dianne Grant-Brooks) You use to come the my house to play with Darnisha we lived in the same apartment complex as you. your mother(Vera) and you sister(Stephanie). I live in a southern surburb of Chicago.

  4. Hello Danielle
    You don’t know me but i am a huge fan. I;m actually doing a report for school on the USA women’s national team. You are such a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much
    In His Grip,

  5. Hello Danielle.

    I’m one of your new fan from Malaysia. I only know about you and your great team from the Olympics recently. Congratulations on winning the silver medal. I feel it is a great accomplishment and I really miss watching you and your team play in the Olympics. Those matches was really thrilling and exciting. I admire your fighting spirit and strong determination. Hopefully I can watch you play on tv more often. Till then, take care and all the best!

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