Today was a long but pleasant day besides the super early morning travel. I woke up at 5 am!

Yesterday, we BEAT Novara 3-1, one of the stronger teams in the league. Woohoo, and AMEN! They were missing their star setter Feng, the Chinese national team setter. But, I didn’t have a good match hitting, so I think that makes us even. Somehow, even thought I’ve only been with the team for a week, I just could not connect with the setter very well. I think I had three blocks for the match. I served tough and played decent defense. Cheering for my teammates and bettering my other skills during the game really help me to stay focus and positive. However, it was a really rough day at the office in terms of attacking. That was a big win for our team and society. Next up on Saturday we will play Bergamo, which is practically the Italian National team, at home.

Back to my day….once we arrived I took a walk around the piazza. I went to the store that sold the best mozzarella in town. Went across the way and pick up some bread. Stopped by the bank. Then finally made my way back to my apartment for a 45 minute nap before going to do what turned out to be a marketing photo shoot, five hours in total. I got the full model treatment… hair, make-up, clothes pick out for me and finally, lots of smiles for the camera. Victor “Magic Eye” was the photographer.

Well, back to weights and training tomorrow.

Be blessed,