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I am sick again with a cold. Booo! So Lora if you read this yes you can say “again”. I tried all I could to not get the virus that is going around, taking vitamin c, echinacia for the immune system, and a mulivitamin. But with two of my teammates sick and our vice president it seemed to have been inevitable.

Well, backing up a couple of days…. we lost to Bergamo on Saturday 1-3. After the first set loss, we started to really play volleyball, winning the second set 25-16. The third set we had our chances but as in the first set we lost points on miss communication between players, not putting away transition balls. Four set was ours for the taking but a couple of bad calls by the officials really hurt us. The final point was scored with a hit off my block! BOOO! So we have a lot of room for improvement. I think our team fought hard but we seemed to have run out of gas. Today we had weights, followed by practice for those who didn’t play and cardio for the rest of us.

Yesterday, I went with a teammate, our vice president, his wife and a few of their friends to Altamura.. It is a city about an hours drive out, know for bread… The restaurant that we went to is know for meat and mushrooms. Wow, we ate for almost two and a half hours! There were appetizers, two first plates, second plate with salad, cheese served with a liquor (didn’t like that too much), fruit, desert, coffee….The food was good, except for my having to pick out the mushrooms.

Ok, that is it for now,
Be blessed,


Oh we have Novara again on Wednesday for the Italian Cup…

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  1. Hi Dani.

    You have cold, it is too bad.
    I hope your cold will cure early.
    Take care.

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