Great news all….we won tonight verses Novara for the Italian Cup. I can’t believe they didn’t bring their full squad. The way the Italian Cup works is that there will be two matches played. If there is a split in matches won, it will go to sets won and that team will advance to the next round. We won in four. In a week or so we will go to their home for the second match.

Just about everyone on my team, Florens, entered the match. Oh my gosh I was called for the worse set of my career, well at least that I can remember in a long time. I was a bit off balanced after blocking and oh my goodness, the ball left my hands so ugly. It was the kind of set that was so bad you look at your hands as if they were not yours. LOL. But I made up for it with a few pretty dishes if I do say so myself hehehehehe.

Next match Sassuola or something like that on Sunday.

Stay tuned,
Be blessed,