Well I am sure you have the results of last weekend by now. But I will review it again just in case. We played and beat Vicenza 3-0 at home. Woohoo and moved to fourth place. I am really happy about the win. On paper, we are “better”. Sometimes on paper doesn’t prove to be the best team. Everyone played well this match. Finally, we the middles, had above average hitting percentage. Praise God. Typical to Vicenza blocking strategy, in the first set I had only blocker, so our setter forced the ball to me a bit more. Along with 3 blocks and two aces stumbled upon best scorer for the match.

Next up Conegliano on Sunday.

Blessing to ya


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  1. Well done Danielle. Glad to know you & your teammates are doing well.
    Will be cheering for u. Cheerios!

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