Hello All,

If there is still and all…. I have been really bad about writing last month. November was a difficult month. We played three of our four matches away (all against teams ranked higher) and the one match that was at home was against the number one team! We went 1-3. But I tell you we really had opportunities to do much better. However we have been struggling in a few areas of our games. Unfortunately those areas were exploited. We are still working hard in the gym to improve.

So far in December we are 1-1. We be Censana but lost to Pavia. Gosh, against Pavia 8 of our 12 player were sick with a cold! Can you believe it? I am still coughing BOOOOO! Sunday we will play Kim Willoughby’s team, Perugia at home.

My mom will head home for Christmas but my husband will arrive soon.

That’s it for now… take care, and shoot me any questions you might have


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  1. Hi mrs. Scott-Arruda this may be an random question but what was it like when the great Regla Torres came up to you and hugged and congradulated you after that amazing defeat…?

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