Happy New Year!

I am doing well thanks be to God. I was in Italy for Christmas and the New Year. Booo in that I was not able to go home to see my family in USA or Brazil. But I had a great time anyway with new friends and my husband was here with me too.

We have started the new year off right with a win over a Chieri and team that I played with three years ago for three seasons. That was the last match of the first round. We are currently in seventh place.

Many well wishes, peace and the love of Christ to all,

GO Florens!
Danielle Scott-Arruda

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  1. Danielle, you are a very good player.
    It remains forever in Castellana!
    Go Florens, force danielle!
    We are all with you!
    W USA!

  2. hi danielle!! my name is Marcel , i’m from São Paulo – Brazil, house of your husband!! i love volleyball games, and always did in my entire life, i admire your performance , your endeavour in all the games playing for clubs or national team around the world. by your age you have an impeccable physical form, go on like this , ok!! good luck in your life as professional of volleyball!!! go danielle!!!

  3. Jose Oliveira

    Danielle, it was awesome to have the honor to play with you here in Brazil. What a wonderful person you are, humble, funny and so many other qualities that it would take the whole day to describe them all.
    Thanks for giving us at Companhia Athletica the pleasure of sharing our court with your light and exceptional Voleyball.
    I wish you and Eduardo the best and hope in the future we have the chance of meeting you again.
    Jose Oliveira (Zé).

  4. Paulo Tonhasolo

    Hi Dani, i am from Brasil, and i love to see you playing!
    When will you come back to play here in Brasil?
    Good Luck


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