Hello to anyone to have been occasionally checking in to read about my updates. I apologize for not having posted anything in some time now. Personal events, obligations and travel didn’t allow for me to make the time to blog with you. I hope to do much better. Not waiting six months for my next entry would be a start right?

Well, I am in Miami, Florida with the USA team. We are here to compete in the Pan Am Cup Games which is a Grand Prix Qualifier. Top three teams will qualify from the Norceca zone. Although Cuba will not be competing in this tournament it still makes for a great play as Gold Medalist Brazil will be here as well as a number of other very competitive countries.

I am so excited to be playing in the United States. About twenty family member will be able to see me play, some for the first time live with the USA National Team, along with all the fan of volleyball. Also the Junior Olympics will be competing so I wish them good luck.

I am about to shut it down for tonight. But hope to bring you updates soon. Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. I was waiting for you to update this WEBLOG.
    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!
    And, I get excited because you play as a captain of USNT.
    I wish USA become champion of the Pan American Cup 2009.
    Go USA!!

    Do your best and Take care.

  2. Hi Danielle Scott

    I love your volleyball. You play brazilian like !! Very passionate and expressive gestures! Everything it takes to be a sucessful player.

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