Well, there were more people in the stands last night. With the brazilians beating on their drums it seemed some times more support for them but then we get a loud USA roar. It was a great environment in which to play. Unfortunately we did not win. We lost in four sets. We had a lot of good plays and long rallies but in the end Brazil played just a bit better. Next up Puerto Rico for third place. That is the best we can finish at this point so we will do our best to end on a high note.



5 thoughts on “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY AMERICA!”

  1. It’s good to finally hear from you! I even asked Pri if she had heard from you since it had been awhile!

  2. I’m so happy that you will play as Team USA this year too.
    I hope to see u in Japan(Nov)

    Go Daniko!

  3. Lynnette Bowman

    Hi, Mrs. Danielle Scott Arruda this is Mrs. Lynnette Bowman from the clinic where you had your beautiful baby. What I Admired about you is your humbleness, and your meekness, you could’ve have tooted your horn as a star athlete, but you chose to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and in due time he shall raise you, and he has been doing just that for you. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your time, and your beautiful gift with me. God bless you, and your family forever.

    God bless, Lynnette (receptionist)

  4. Don’t know whether you still update this weblog or even come back yourself. I just want to congratulate you for going to London! I am one of many Chinese fans who feel so happy for you. We actually met in Beijing and I also spoke to your tall Daddy. 🙂 We wish you and the USA team the best, but even participating it again is such a great accomplishment!

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