We are still number ONE in this tournament. China went down in three sets! Our libero for the match, Nicole Davis, was a ball magnet digging almost everything and critical moments, Nancy played well, Ty served tough and played well and the middles did a great job too. Then we had Lindsay flying all over the place throwing up great sets. I entered the match at the end of the second set and around first timeout of the third set. It was a good match for us today. China gave all that had, today we were better. Such is the international game, the level between the top teams are so close. I thank God that we are able to come together with such a short amount of time.


Blessing to ya,


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  1. Brian Berdanier

    Hi Dani!

    Been following your career since The Beach and your blog for a few months now, though this is the first time I’ve posted a comment. I must say I’m loving your real-time updates on the matches here in Japan (where I live) since I won’t be able to make it out to any of the games and Japanese network TV only broadcasts Japan matches (except for a VERY few highlights of you and Ty… your old V-League fans still love you!) Anyway, way to go against China! Keep up the good work, and keep us USA fans informed of your progress!

  2. I saw via the USA Volleyball website that you all won. I am so excited! That is an amazing victory! I’m so proud of you and the whole team! Keep up the good work.

  3. Daniiiiii que saudades de você!!!!Foi dificil te encontrar!Como que você está?
    Sera que vocÊ ainda sabe escrever em português?Como estão seus pais?
    E aí, você vem para os jogos panamericanos do Rio de Janeiro?
    Anota meu e-mail, por favor responda! estou morrendo de saudades!
    um beijão! te adoro!
    Brasil, Jundiaí-SP

  4. Oh yeah, I saw that,your team played pretty good,I mean just amazing,and I know tomorrow you will play with BRA,and if you win,then the GrandChampion is yours
    Wish you good luck

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