Well, we had a miserably rough day at the office! We lost in three. Brazil was just on point today. Though we lead at different points early in the second and third sets, we were not able to build momentum.

Tomorrow we will play our final match against Japan. By winning this match we will secure the second place finish.



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  1. Danielle..
    i have seen the match through the tv..i am so sad too…
    but you have try your best ..right? i think your team only have one problem…it is the recieve of the serve is not good..it make your attack cannot go smoothly..but it have improved a lot since the World Grand Prix already..i also want to say is that..today..Brazil has done a good job..no12 And the serve of no10 is very good..so please dont too sad about the result…i know you have try your best already..!

    ps..the dairy of mine is http://www.xanga.com/keikeilovehaha…it add many photo of your team ^^ if you free..go to have a look…i will write a part of english for you
    hope my comment won’t make you feel trouble^^

  2. Rachel (from Hong Kong, lovelt15)

    Dear Dani,

    Did u remember me Rachel? Long time no chat with u.
    I just finished to watch USA vs JPN. It is very excited especially set 1. Today reception of USA improved more, but still need to work hard.
    In set 3, i heard Jenny is angry about some of your teammates is happy too early, they regard the match is already finished. Luckily all of you focus again on the match, finally to win over Japan and evenually the second.
    Although it is not the first, but i felt your team already improved very much than World Grand Prix. Hope your team continue to work hard especially reception because in the past, Tom & your past libero (No.5) in the team so reception and defence is very good so that your team can more way to attack.
    Finally, I am very pround of Jenny . Of course your team also work hard.

    If you have time , hope u can reply me.

    USA fans,
    Rachel (from hong kong)

  3. Congrats on the 2nd place finish. A truly great showing! I am so proud of you and Team USA!!!!

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