2005 USA National Team season is officially over. Having finished second in the World Grand Champions Cup 2005, we all return to our respective league teams in Italy, Japan, and Turkey, with the exception of those who continue to train in the USA. They will have a break until they recommence in January 06. I would have to say that I am happy with the results. We came together as a team overcoming jet lag, little practice time together before the start of the tournament, a swollen jar from a toothache, battled colds and flu symptoms, aching knees, shoulder and neck pains onset from a bad nights rest, strained quadriceps, a ball hit to the eye from blocking…and other nagging injuries. Praise God, for the challenges and our overcoming them! It was encouraging to see at times some really good volleyball. Improvement in a serve receive, the relationship of our block and defense, the team’s hustle, strong attack, strategic serving, tough but controlled. Yet, it is in all these areas that we must continue to grow and get better.

Now I will refocus my attention on doing well in Italian league and hopefully help lead BigMat Kerakoll Chieri to the championship final.

I saw a few interesting things in Japan this time around that I hadn’t noticed before. In the land of cleanliness where one has to search to find a trash can, at which point if one does, there is a choice of five bends already separated for waste management, there laid a pile of rubbish on the side of the road. I saw a man smoking…this in it self was not a surprise, but that he held his own kind of portable ash tray or holder in which he dropped his cigarette ashes. I saw many 7/11 convenient stores, more than I recall seeing previously… While eating at the Hard Rock Cafe the waitress came by our table for last call for desserts? Huh? Last call for desserts? And this on is probably more specific to shorter legged passengers. On the flight home I saw a someone create her own foot rest by tying a long piece of material, it appeared to be a scarf, looping it around the tray to secure it in place. It seemed pretty practical that is if you have the luxury of that much leg room.

Well, that’s it for now.

Oh, Oh, My Mom, oldest niece Natalie, and great nephew Stefan are coming out to visit me soon. Yeah. May they have a safe trip.



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  1. Danielle,

    I just came across your website and wanted to leave you a message. This is Michelle Jones’ (your old team mate from Long Beach)younger brother. Hopefully you can email me back, because I know Michelle would love to hear from you. She is living in Spain w/husband and their daughter. Hope all is well in your travels.


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