Well, we seem to have given another match away. We were up 2-1 but very much like our match against Perugia the fourth and fifth sets didn’t go our way. A lot of things attributed to that… After the match we had a meeting to check ourselves. What motivates us? Communication in difficult times, and basically to never stop playing, fighting!

My ankle…let me tell you the good news. The day I sprained my ankle I said in full faith that I would play on Sunday. I prayed and fast, my mom prayed for me and everyone with whom I spoke I asked to pray for me. I injured my ankle on Thursday. Friday it hurt a lot more than the day the injury occurred. But on Saturday to my trainer’s surprise, I was able to do more exercises than he had anticipated. With my progress from Friday to Saturday I felt pretty confident that I would be able to play on Sunday. I prayed a prayer of thanks for the way in which God was using Marco and Giogia (the team trainers) in my recovery process. On Sunday morning my ankle was less swollen so I tested it out during the morning practice. I was a bit slower moving laterally but I could do it! Though, the coach chose not to start me I was taped and ready to go. Amen!

Today, I will continue with therapy and strengthening just to allow for another day of rest. Tomorrow I will start practicing again.

On another note, I had the MRI done for my left shoulder. Here in Italy when an MRI is taken for the shoulder, an injection of this liquid stuff is shot in the area. YIKE!. I hate needles. Just at the thought my eyes begin to water. And boy did I boohoo uncontrollably that day. The assistant gave me chocolate after the shot. And after the exam itself I was given a can of coke. For those of you who don’t know, I really like Coca-Cola. That brought a smile to my face. I know, I know, big baby. At any rate, the test showed that I have a small tear. BOO! But I won’t have to have surgery, at least not at this point. The doctor said that specific strengthening exercises will minimize the pain.

So all you believers say a special prayer for me and our team.

We will play again on Friday.

Blessing to ya,

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  1. hihi,,,Danielle
    it is great that to your can have prastise again and your ankle is ok now . Take care yourself ^^
    haha..i love Coca-Cola.too`however..i cannot drink too often..becasue it might made me fat!
    ok..try your best in your match..love you~
    Go chieri]]]

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