Home remedies…. whatcha got for a cold? Here’s what’s been suggested to me. Things from over the counter: teas like Theraflu (Flufort, Tachifludec, Italian version), halls, vicks rub, cough syrup, load up on vitamin C and echinacea.

Now for the home remedies…1) home made tea, boils some lemons add honey, and a shot of whisky. 2) take a spoon of vicks rub and put it in hot water, cover my head with a towel and breath in the vapors. 3) rub vicks on the chest, take a bowl of hot water as hot as ones’ hands can stand, dip a towel, wring it and place towel on chest 4) heat some wine the rest was lost in translation.

I’ve tried different combinations of some of these. Have you other suggestions?




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