Going to the market yesterday was a hot frenzy. Well, is wasn’t actually hot at all nonetheless very busy. Just getting there was a bit chaotic. And then there were the traffic directors, who I think made the traffic worse! The lines at the store were like those at Walmart during Christmas time. I wish there was a line for 10 or 20 items or less. But there aren’t here in Italy. Nor is there anyone to bag your groceries. The simple “luxuries” I no longer take for granted. Nor wasted bags by the checker/cashier (what are they called these days?) putting only two items in a bag. I definitely pack my bags full, especially since I have to pay for it. I think the bags here are made sturdier to hold more for longer periods of time. The Italian do a lot more walking than we American typically do when running errands.

Well, it is nap time as I get ready for our match against Padova.