Hello All, IT”S FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! Can you believe that I woke up this morning at 6:13 AM and could not fall asleep again! I didn’t realize until later that today is Friday and the thirteenth. So I had a nine o’clock appointment for a pedicure. Turn out I had to get my foot treated for a virus. I left there with a hole in my foot and a limp. Way to start the day off. But I am OK.

This entry is in response to questions asked of me by one of my blog readers Paul. Some followers choose to write a comment after the blog entry and others write to directly to my Danielle02Scott@aol.com email address. You can do the same…

Can you guess how many miles have you traveled over the last few months? Nope can’t even guesstimate on how many miles I’ve traveled over the last few months. But I should have accumulated a couple domestic round trip tickets. Good thing I am not in College any more where it was illegal to accumulate miles when traveling with the team.

How does the USA National Team keep in touch with players playing abroad? Through email, dvds etc.? Ie after a tournament are you given dvd breaking down your plays etc.? The USA team keeps in touch via email. After our last tournament we are out of there, at least those of us who play internationally. Well, even those who continue to train with the National team. They will have a break and later recommence. So no dvd break down of tournament play, though that is a good idea. Usually there is a website for the bigger tournament that post statistics, rankings, press releases and photographs. If there isn’t a website then there are daily bulletins given to the coach.

How do they monitor players current form? Once we go to our professional league they don’t really monitor our physical form. Pretty much they check just out the stats. Or if they have friendships or working relationships with one’s head coach or staff they may inquire from them.

The recent Grand Champions Cup clearly showed that physically you are still one of the best conditioned athletes in the squad. Do you consider this to be the key fact to your remaining in the squad? Do you think that you will be given a chance to compete if you can remain physically in top shape together with your wealth of experience and positive attitude? Yes, I believe that making an effort to be is top condition in any physical sport is the key to longevity in one’s athletic career. My hope is that, barring injuries, if I in fact continue to perform well, along with as your put it “my wealth of experience and positive attitude,” that I will be given a chance to not only be named to the National Team and Olympic Team but also compete. Hopefully age will not be a factor.

Do my sporting genes run in the family? I’d have to say yes, though I am the only one to have taken it to the professional level. My dad played rec basketball when he had time growing up. And still weightlifts from time to time. My mom ran track when she was younger. I grew up watching her do toe touches, sit-ups, jumping jacks and jogging in place. My sister dabbled in everything. She played volleyball, basketball and was a cheerleader. My brother played football and was a body builder for a several years. Some of my aunts continue to go to the gym and are in great shape. Which gives me hope after I am done working out for a living.

Long entry, sorry
Until next time, blessings to ya


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  1. Wow!! Danielle you are truly a Libra—- That was alot of information in one blog but it was absolutely WONDERFUL. We all are so thankful that you have remained healthy along this long road to 2008.

    thanks for keeping all of us fans updated on not only your successes but your stories of life in Italy and the happiness your family must have seeing you participate at such a high level for so long.


  2. danielle””
    Long time no see you ^^ miss you so much…i am glad to see your long entry..it can make me know more about you..i have sent christnmas card to you before..have to seen it? now…are you feel well of your body?
    remember..before.doing everything.. care yourself first~ ok? ^.^
    looking foward to see you in 2008 olympic~

    if you free…please tell me will you play the competition in 2006…exspecilly in world grant prix and world championship~..i was worry about it..because you have absent in 2005 world grant prix..but..you no need reply me in fast speed..just wait for…you free.. ^^…
    kisskiss you ^^….be happy””

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