Danielle was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana October 1, 1972 to Charles Young and late Vera Scott and is a single mother of her daughter Juliánne.  She attended the University of California at Long Beach and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Sociology.

Danielle completed in five Olympic Games and is the USA Indoor Volleyball Olympics appearance record holder.  She won two silver Olympic medals and has been inducted into multiple sports Hall of Fame including being recognized for bravery with the 2019 USA Volleyball Hall of Fame class and 2019 Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.  Danielle has touched and inspired thousands of boys and girls, women and men, teams, and corporation around the nation and world sharing that same champion winning spirit and an infectious message of encouragement and hope. She has also spoken on the Tedx stage and at women’s leadership conferences, girls empowerment programs, schools and athletic events, galas and fundraisers.

Danielle is committed to helping people stay in confidence with positivity and mindset training and to find their identity outside of what they do.  She understand what it feels like to be told you are not enough, to feel silenced and awkward, or isolated as if you don’t belong.  But Danielle was able to overcome those circumstances and is here to let you know that you are enough and you are valued and you have a voice.  She intends to help youth feel confident and empowered, supported and proved resources in their journey, as well as help those who are looking to discover their next.

Additionally, Danielle provide inspiration for organizations and Institutions in improve teamwork and performance to get the results they want and desire.

Danielle is the go to person for INSPIRATION, POSITIVITY and MINDSET.

Danielle values most her faith, family and friends. She lists her mother and father as the people she admires most because they are “awesome role models and help set the foundation of who I am and my desire to help other.”

**Danielle is also a crusader for financial literacy and helping families make and save money.