Day 1 and 2 London 2012

Back again at the Olympic Village and I tell you it NEVER gets old.  Yesterday we went through processing and got a lot of gear from Nike and Ralph Lauren.  Unfortunately a lot of the clothing didn’t fit, boo!  But tomorrow I will go to exchange some things if our schedule permits:-) Today we had our first practice.  Not a bad day at the office but I know we will be better tomorrow.  It is amazing how the team is better just by making the little plays and focusing on details like coverage ball, passing free ball to the target, sealing the net, none setter setting a hittable ball. I love this game! GO USA!

11 thoughts on “Day 1 and 2 London 2012”

  1. So proud of you! you continue to inspire us all! Geaux USA! Bring us home the gold!

  2. Hanna Breckenfeld

    Hi! I’m at Ruth’s camp! I was wondering out of the 12 players on the roster have never played in the Olympics before and they’re name and position! And what type of serve do you have? Thanks! Please let me know as soon as possible!

  3. Hi Hanna, How great you are at Ruth’s camp… Pay attention you will learn lots! There are 7 first time Olympians on the team. I will challenge you to figure our who are the veterans and who are the first time Olympians. Do a little homework, I’d bet you will also learn their positions as well. I have a standing float serve from near the end line, although I have also served jump float and way way back in the day jump top spin. Cheers! GO USA!

  4. Baylee Bingaman

    Hi! I’m also from Ruth’s camp! And I just want to say good luck and I hope you guys get that medal because y’all deserve it! keep up the HARD work!! And what serve do you use the most?
    Thank you!

  5. Hanna Breckenfeld

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see you play saturday! Good luck!!

  6. Cathlina Roberts

    GO USA! I always try to catch the matches and have watched you in the last 3 trips to the Olympics. I remembered how great you were in high school (I was a freshman and only at WHS for a year) and it’s just awesome that you’ve done so great with your athletic talent!

  7. Hanna Breckenfeld


    Woops, I don’t know what happened with the question marks..

  8. Kimberly Cook

    Hey Danielle. I am so glad to see you playing in he Olympics again. You have come along way since Woodlawn. Keep up the great work

  9. @Baylee thanks…standing float serve @Cathline thanks, i have been quite blessed to play so long, few injuries and enjoy what I do.@Hanna thanks @Kim thanks for watching. It is such and honor to be here again and ummmm huh?

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