Faith Center to start the Day

What a great day.  I started today off with praise and worship at the multi-faith center.  I am so glad and grateful to have the center there.  Often when I  travel it is hard to find a church to fellowship and receive the Word.  This is awesome to have a place right here in the village.  Afterward that, I went to grab a bite to eat and had a light lifting workout with Tim followed by a massage.  I love massage.  If you have never had one, take time to treat yourself:-) Then I met up with some of the girls to go get our free beats by dr. dre.  It was a cool house.  There were pastries and drink served with varying music playing in the background.  There was also a photo booth set up.  It was fun a quick but fun run.  Having started my day early I was ready for a nap.

Practice was good. Up next Serbia!  Quick flash back… What a win over China!  It was spectacular to be able to come in an contribute to the win on the court, although I take great pride with helping how I can from “the best box in the world”. Rather it is giving feedback, hand a drink, dabbing sweat from Luke’s brow, to cheering from the sideline, I find enjoyment.
Well, onward as our coach would say.

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  1. wow…super morning and what a way to prepare for the evening match against Serbia. This Olympics seems like a well rounded one with moments for solitude and yet time for family and of course THE TEAM!

    have a Blessed match

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