Hot day in London

Another hot day here in London.  I won’t complain as it was forecast to be cold and wet! Yes, for the summer Games! I will enjoy the heat while it last and take advantage of getting my vitamin D in 🙂  Sitting on my bed getting a little of NormaTec recovery in before practice.  It entails putting on two boots that reaches the upper leg and letting the machine go to work squeezing the legs (compression) for a given time.  I am going for 30 minutes. Yesterday I took a walk to the “International Zone”… That is where there are shops, salon, post office, cafe… media is also allowed in this area.  It is also where we can meet our family and friends when we are able to get a one day guest pass for the village. Woohoo I look forward to that!  It was quite a busy day as I went back to processing to change out some gear that was too big or sleeves too short.  I left there happy with a huge smile, a lot like Christmas day in one’s childhood!

It is getting closer to Opening Ceremony!  Some of my family will arrive tomorrow and others will arrive on Friday.  I couldn’t do this for so long without this wonderful support group I have. I am so incredibly blessed in more ways than I can express…I am simply grateful.
More to come,

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  1. Karen Skinner

    Good luck to you and your Team USA. It’s good to see that you are on the Olympic team again. Also congratulations on your first baby. Go Danielle!!!!!

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