Miracles from God?

“Miracles from God?” she asked herself. “I have to give God a lot of the credit for my physical ability. But being a spiritual person has helped me with my different struggles and challenges. And it’s helped me stay positive, which is the main thing, isn’t it?”
“I think we have a great team. One of the strengths is that there is so much talent,” she said. “Besides the skills, I think everyone is focusing on just being the best team we can be. It’s not about any one person — although of course there are people who score more, there are people who defend more and there are people who may pass a bit more — but it’s all about the team. And that’s what you need to be successful in volleyball. You can’t do it by yourself.”  Please take a few minutes to click on my Facebook Fan Page..thanks for all of your support on this journey! GO for the GOLD…TEAM USA…Danielle

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  1. I am wishing you the very best for continued health and success along this continued journey to your 5th Olympic Games. I look forward to following this extraordinary experiences that you will have in London and how different it will be with the little one and big family attending. God Speed my friend

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