Today rewind

Wow, what a great win tonight against Brazil and Saturday against Korea.  Starting with a wonderful opening ceremony on Friday, things couldn’t be much better.  Even after participating in other Olympics, this NEVER gets old or routine! Meeting other athletes the march around the stadium, exchanging pins. I hope more are on the way,I have gotten spoiled with the how many pins we are usually given and are in turn able to trade or give away… None of this gets old. I went to the welcoming ceremony and raising of the flags.  The performance was spectacular, performed with lots of energy.  Unfortunately we missed the meet and greet with First Lady Michelle Obama boo!

Tomorrow we will have recovery and some family time in the morning.  It is so wonderful to have family and friends here.  Later we will get back to business with preparing for our next opponent!
My coaching staff and team are doing a really excellent job.  Thanks for all of the prayers and support.

3 thoughts on “Today rewind”

  1. It was FUN watching the match today and was trying to find where your family sits. Keep up the positive vibes as i can see you are providing energy and experience for those young aspiring Olympians. Proud of you and best wishes for another great match against China.

  2. Watching you play China right now! Have been a fan for many years and it’s a joy to watch you ROCK!!! Go Danielle!!!

  3. The match against China was GREAT! Almost wished that 3rd set had not ended… how many set points?? Did it go to 29 USA 29 CHN before USA won?? WOW!!

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