2013 A New Year and a New Look

I would like to thank everyone for your support. THANK YOU! Currently I am playing in the Puerto Rico Superior League for Mayaguez Indias after competing in Brazil Superliga for Praia Club/Banana Boat. We are in the semi finals.  GO INDIAS.  I am keeping a weblog to update interested followers. CHECK IT OUT, leave a comment or just enjoy reading the updates. Also learn about the Believer In You Foundation by clicking on the tab (donations are welcomed). Have a blessed day… OH and any professional team looking for a Middle Blocker\Hitter/Opposite for league 2013-2014 I have not signed yet. Sponsor are welcome to email if you have an interest in a 5-Time Olympian promoting your product or service and/or want me do make an appearance or a motivational speech. Email me: Danielle02Scott@aol.com. Thanks!

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  1. Danielle Scott-Arruda

    Thanks, it was a really relaxed environment, just having a conversation… I should have gotten some make up tips from Cat (make-up and hair specialist)

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