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Well, I am back in Italy. Boy, yesterday was the most tired I have been in some time. Not that the practice was more demanding but that I am sick with the flu on top of training intensely. My body ached all over, but somehow I managed to make it through practice. Woohoo!

For those of you who are curious, I did go to the center (downtown) Belgium and I got an hour nap in also. Of course I couldn’t leave Belgium without having a Belgium waffle! As Logan and I strolled around downtown we saw the stand and rush over to have one. Delicioso!

We went on to win both matches finishing the tournament 3-0. We had an early match on Sunday and again was given the evening off to do whatever. I went with some of my teammates for dinner, which turned out to be fries! Yep that was my All-American post match dinner! A super sized Belgium style order of fries topped with ketchup, mayonnaise and fried onion bits!

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  1. Hey, looks like you are getting a chance to tour a few of the historical cities. Glad this season has started off pretty good. take care and we will stay in touch.

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Where in the world am I? Yesterday, Oct 21, I arrived in Belgium. No, not for vacation. Boo! Yes, I am here to compete (YEAH!) in the Top Teams Cups/European Cup one of three competitions that I will play while playing with team Pallavolo Chieri. The others being the Italian Cup and the Italian League Seria A1. We had a match on Wednesday against Novara the first match of the Italian Cup but unfortunately lost. On next Wednesday we will play Bergamo at home, the second match of the Italian Cup and must win to continue on in the tournament. Tonight we played Rapid Bucarest a team from Romania and won in three. We have two more matches played consecutively against Kieldrecht, the host team, and then the following day Schaffhausen, a team from Switzerland. Although tomorrow is a game day, our coach announced at tonight’s meeting that after lunch we can go to the center (downtown) Antwerp, look around, take some pictures. Now I have a dilemma…I usually take a nap before matches even if only twenty minutes. But I have never been here before and I would like to see downtown. Usually there isn’t even the options. I guess I will have to see how much time there is after lunch. I do know that I will have to get at least a twenty minute nap in 🙂